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Finished Objects

I haven’t had a post like this in a while, but I’ve finally been finishing some things and wanted to share.

First, my Prescott cardigan. I love this sweater! This was a test knit for Mary Annarella that I failed to finish in time, and then I ended up putting it aside for the entire fall festival season, because once I got to the lace section it just wasn’t travel knitting anymore. Within the past couple weeks I finally finished it, blocked it, sewed on the buttons and got some photos taken. This is knit with two skeins of Udaipur Fingering in Chimney Sweep colorway.

Prescott Cardigan

Second, I blocked and photographed my Zuzu’s Petals cowl, which has actually been done for a couple months now but wasn’t presentable without blocking. I used just under a skein of Heights Worsted in the (gradient) Great Barrier Reef colorway. This was actually a really quick project–the knitting only took a couple of days, it was the blocking that I got stalled on.

Zuzu's Petals

Then, I recently whipped out two hats, the first (Bella’s Hat) with the first handspun I made that didn’t come out too crazy, and the second (Turn a Square) with some worsted weight scrap yarn and some of my very first handspun (which was all sorts of crazy).

Bella's Hat

Bella’s Hat I’m definitely keeping because I like the yarn too much, even though it ended up a bit short because I was afraid of running out of yarn (turns out I had plenty). The second one I may give away. I think I’ll definitely be making more hats, though, and maybe fewer fingering weight sweaters. It’s nice to actually finish something in less than six months!

Turn a Square Hat

2 thoughts on “Finished Objects

  1. Those projects are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! Some of them were a long time in progress…

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